B.A. Semester

a) Compulsory Subjects :

(i) General English
(ii) M.I.L. (Assamese/Bengali/Hindi/Alt. English)

b) Major Courses Offered :

(i) Assamese
(ii) Political Science
(iii) Sociology
(iv) Education
(v) Economics
(vi) Anthropology
(vii) Philosophy
(viii) English
(ix) History

c) Core Subjects : (Any Two)

Students taking Major will offer one core subject from the following:

(i) Political Science
(ii) Sociology / Anthropology
(iii) Education
(iv) Economics
(v) History
(vi) Philosophy
(vii) Elective Assamese.

Note : (The students can change subjects (Major & Core) within 10 days from the date of admission).