Department of Political Science: Department at a Glance: Department of Political Science of Nandalal Borgohain City College was established in the Year 1992. It is one of the oldest departments of the college. This department has contributed towards teaching and research in the discipline of Political Science. The Department has produced hundreds of Graduates in Political Science. The Faculty members have contributed towards the discipline of Political Science and other related social sciences. The department has introduced Semester System from the academic session 2011-12 with a revised syllabus focusing on the emerging areas in political science. The department has introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in 2019 with a revised syllabus focusing on the current areas in the subject. Objectives of the Department * To provide Higher education in Political Science to the aspiring students. * To educate the students about the democratic values, constitutionalism and core values of the democratic society. * To impart scientific temperament through the discipline of Political Science. * To prepare the students for secured and peaceful future lives. Total Seat capacity in Political Science Honours : 50

Mrs. Tapati Sinha, M.A., B.Ed., M Phil. B.Music
Assistant Professor
: 9435473142
Mr. Durllav Borah, MA., M.Phil., NET.
Assistant Professor
: 9954058906
Mr. Pranjal Hazarika, M.A., B.Ed., SET
Assistant Professor
: 9859312450