Departmental Profile


     The Department of Philosophy, Nandalal  Borgohain city college, was established in 1992. Initially Logic & Philosophy was introduced in the Higher secondary section. In 2000 the subject was introduced in Degree classes, General course, parallel to the Higher secondary classes.In the year 2014-15, Department of Philosophy affiliation under Dibrugarh University.And applied for government concurrents.        
            The Department takes care of the students by taking need based tutorial classes, lending books from the Departmental library, giving previous year's question papers and providing mentoring sessions.The overall success rate of passing of the students is satisfactory.   

      Aims and objectives:
   1. To main lain the philosophical thought and values of Indian society.   
   2. To provide higher education to rural and backward students.   

   3. To develop link for the subject  values among the students.  
   4. To develop philosophical consciousness among the students.   

    5. To prepare students for philosophy as a practical necessity.   

    6. To provide the knowledge among the students.Ignorance is the root cause of bondage.


Mrs. Minakshi Baruah, M.A., M. Phil
Assistant Professor
: 9957318004
Mrs. Pragya. Devi, M.A., M. Phil
Assistant Professor
: 9854439189