Departmental Profile

INTRODUCTION: The Department of Anthropology, Nandalal Borgohain City College, was established in 1992. Initially, this subject was taught at the senior secondary level. However, this subject was permitted to be taught at the undergraduate level (BA General Course) by Dibrugarh University in the year 1998, and subsequently in the year 2006, the college was permitted to teach Anthropology as Major subject under the affiliation of Dibrugarh University. The department has four faculty members. Out of four faculty members at present two of the regular faculty members of the department have PhD degree. The department is well equipped with Physical Anthropological and Prehistoric Laboratory and an Ethnographic Museum with rich collections of various cultures indigenous people of Northeast India. The wall magazine of the department Anthropos ventures to capture the stories and life style of the tribes settled in and around India and North East India as well. The department has continued to serve the academic interests of the students by organizing various academic activities like guest lectures on relevant topics, national seminars and webinars, departmental seminar, group discussion and other relevant programs from time to time.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The Department has been instituted in the college to cater the need of Anthropological studies in the area with the following aims and objectives. To study the rich cultural heritage of Assam as well as other states of North-East India, this is considered a panorama of Anthropological knowledge. To maintain the social and cultural values of Indian society as a whole. To provide higher education in Anthropology to rural and backward students. To study the tribal societies living in this region with the help of anthropological concepts and theories. To study the archaeology of the region, particularly to establish any prehistoric link between other states of India, Southeast Asia, South Asia, etc. To develop indigenous social concepts for scientific analysis of Indian society through intensive research.

Dr.Gitimallika Gogoi, M.A., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

: 985457546

Mr. Niranjan Borah, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor
: 9435032685

Dr. Anjana Sharma, M.Sc., Ph.D, B.Music
Assistant Professor

: 9435387017

Mr. Biplob Bhuyan
Assistant Professor

: 8638071258

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