i) The College Library:

The college has a library with a spacious reading room. It was inaugurated by the ex vice chancellor of Dibrugarh University in the year. It contains about 8000 books including textbooks, reference books, journals, magazines, news papers etc.

ii) Laboratory:

The college has laboratory facilities for the department of Anthropology, Education and a Computer lab. There is also a beautiful museum along with the Anthropology Laboratory. The education department has a psychological laboratory.

iii) Auditorium:

The college has a big auditorium which was inaugurated by  the ex education minister of Assam, Mr. Ripun Bora in to cater the needs of all the cultural activities of the college.

iv) Girls’ Common Room:

Keeping in view the importance of extra curricular activities the college provides a Girls’ Common Room where the girls can get involved in such activities. It is a spacious room with musical instruments and indoor game facilities.

v) Boys’ Common Room:

The College also provides a Boys’ Common Room for the exercise of the indoor and outdoor games. Along with the games facilities the common room has the traditional musical instruments like- Dhol, Pepa, Taal, Gagana, Harmonium, Talba, Guiter etc.

vi) Girls’ Hostel:

The College has a well equipped Girls’ It offers the boarders the facilities like- 50 seat capacity, furniture, electricity supply with inverter etc.

vii) Canteen:

The College has a hygienic canteen with two chambers to provide refreshment for the students and the college staff.