Departmental Profile

Introduction. The Department of Sociology in Nandalal Borgohain City College as old as the mother institution. This subject is taught in our college at junior and senior level from the very beginning 1992. Aims and Objectives: The Department of Sociology have some aims and objectives. These are as follows- • To provide higher education in sociology to understand the Indian Society as well as Assamese society. • To maintain peace and harmony in society. • To maintain the social and cultural values of Indian and Assamese society. • To develop social consciousness among the students . • To provide higher education in sociology to the rural , remote and backward sections of student. • To up lit the indigenous social issues for scientific analysis of Indian society through research. • To prepare students for competitive examination. • To know the existing reality of social system with the help of project work, field studies and thereby preparing report of social reality. • To organized research which will useful to overcome the social problems , such as superstitions, beliefs & faith among

Mr. Bhadreswar Baruah, M.A., M.Phil
Assistant Professor
: 9401245892

Dr. Sadhana Sarmah, M.A, M.Phill, Ph.D., B.Ed.
Assistant Professor
: 7664900356

Dr. Tultul Baruah, M.A. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
: 9706050103