i). NCC :

The NCC wing of the college was introduced on August 2006 under 10 Assam BN NCC Dibrugarh. Initially the total Number of NCC cadets (including boys and Girls) were only 30 (thirty). The present strength of the NCC wing is about 100. It is a great opportunity for the students who join the NCC as there are many scopes for jobs for NCC Cadets in our country. The NCC provides various rigorous trainings like weapon, drills, various arms training, firing etc. The NCC cadets of our college attended many camps like ATC, RDC, NIC, BLC etc. in different parts of India. Selected NCC cadets have been participating in the RDC (Republic Day Camp) at New Delhi since beginning. The college also observes NCC day in the month of November in every year. It is mentionable that the NCC cadets of our college gain more job opportunities than others.

ii). NSS :

The NSS wing of Nandalal Borgohain City College was introduced in the year 2005. The NSS room was inaugurated by Dr. K.K. Deka, the ex. Vice Chancellor of Dibrugarh University on 20th October, 2008. There are 100 students including boys and girls in the wing. The wing has been undertaking many programmes since beginning. The NSS wing of Nandalal Borgohain City College, Dibrugarh University undertook- Aids Awareness Rally, Aids Awareness Camp, Vermi-Compost Camp, Adult Literacy Programme, Functional Literacy Programme, Social Survey programme etc. The teacher guides and volunteers of the NSS team actively participate in such programmes. Recently the NSS wing has visited the Jokai 26 Gharia Gaon under the Kotoha Panchayat, Dibrugarh where an informative meeting was held by the team with the co-operation of the villagers. The team supplied the villagers various necessary information and also collected their opinions on Aids Awareness and interest on Adult Education. The team distributed leaflets and posters among the villagers. The NSS wing of the college have recently participated in a one day work shop on- “Sanitization Programme on Disaster Management” held at Dibrugarh University

iii) Red Ribbon Club :

The college has a Red Ribbon Club unit since 2010 and has been organizing various types of awareness programmes such as-Aids Awareness Rallies and Blood Donation Camps, Postering on Aids Awareness, Survey, Talk on Aids Awareness in the rural areas. The Red Ribbon Unit of the college also visited the Red Ribbon Express which arrived at Dibrugarh on the 14th August 2012. 10 volunteers were sent during the visit of the Red Ribbon Express.

iv) Eco Club:

The college has an Eco Club. Both the teachers and the students can be the members of the club. The members of Eco Club of the College organize literacy programme in connection with the World Literacy Day, Environmental Awareness Programme on the occasion of the World Environment Day. It also arranges seminars and discussions from time to time related to the club.

v) Career Counselling Cell:

The college established a Career Counselling Cell on 15 January, 2005 to fulfill the following main objectives like-To offer career guidance to the students, to create awareness about career formation, to provide latest information on career formation. The Cell has been organizing seminars, discussions, talks and counselling classes on job Opportunities and latest career information. Renowned persons are invited on such occasions.

vi) The Women Cell:

The college has a women cell called MAHASHWETA (the Cell for women’s Studies). The Cell has been organizing seminars, discussions, talks etc concerning various problems of women and on the interest of women empowerment.

vii) Sahittya Chora:

The College has a SAHITTYA CHORA to develop various literary skills of students as well as teachers. The SAHITTYA CHORA organises various discussions, talks, workshops and celebrates the occasions of the great literary persons from time to time.

viii) Cultural Department:

The College has a CULTURAL DEPARTMENT to develop various cultural talents of students as well as teachers. The CULTURAL DEPARTMENT provides the facilities for cultural practices, organizes various discussions, talks, workshops and celebrates the occasions of the great cultural persons and cultural competitions from time to time.

ix) Wall Magazines:

Besides departmental wall magazines, the college has a common wall magazine – “PRAYGYAN” to expose mainly the literary creativity of the students.All the departmental Wall megazines are inaugurated in 5th September every year on the occasion of Teachers’ Day.The names of the departmental wall magazines are likewise-

  • Anthropology- “ANTHROPOS
  • Assamese-        “URULI
  • Education –     “ALOK
  • Political Science- “UTTARAN
  • Sociology-           “BIBARTAN

x) Annual Magazine:

The college publishes a magazine every year to focus the intellectual and the overall standard of the college. The magazine exhibits the various achievements of the students in academic as well as extra curricular activities.

xi) College Week Celebration:

Keeping in view the aim of all round development of the students, the college celebrates this occasion annually with the help of the Cultural Department, SAHITYA CHORA & the Music Cell of the college. The college organizes various competitions in different areas such as—

  • Cultural Competitions: The Cultural Department of the College organizes the competitions like- DHOL BADAN, PEPA BADAN, BAHIN BADAN, Bihu Dance, Creative Dance, Group Dance, Bride Competition, Go-as you like and flower Decoration Competition etc.
  • Literary Competitions: On the same occasion the SAHITYA CHARA of the college organizes different literary competitions like- Recitation Competition, Poem, Story and Essay Writing on spot, Debate, Extempore speech Art Competition and Quiz competition etc.

xii) Various Occasions:

The college celebrates the special occasions and festivals like- Silpi Divas, Saraswati Puja, Rabha Divas, Teachers’ Day, Biswa Karma Puja, Gandhi Jayanti, The Tithi of Shankar Deva, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Freshmen Social etc with warmth and co-operation.

xiii) Book Fairs:

Keeping in view the need and importance of the students Book-Fairs are organized by the college from time to time. The students and teachers of the college have been benefited by the book-fairs.